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Koke-dera (Saihou-ji)   MAP

Koke-dera has a moss garden that represents Japan, and is also known as a moss temple ( koke=moss, dera=temple). It is also famous as the prototype of Japanese gardens..

Kyoto is famous for the beauty of the four seasons, especially cherry blossoms and autumn leaves,
but the mysterious beauty of moss and fresh green is also unique to Kyoto.

These are Japanese-style scenes that embody "Wabi-Sabi" (an awareness of the transience of thing)..

*In Japanese, "tera", "dera", "in", "an" and "ji" mean Buddhist temples.


Subtemple of Daitoku-ji.Only one stone lantern is placed in the moss garden.   MAP

Sanzen-in It is a prestigious temple in the northern suburbs of Kyoto.   MAP

Ikka-in Subtemple of Toufuku-ji. A pine tree with large branches in the moss garden.  MAP

Daihou-in Subtemple of Myoushin-ji.It is a moss garden created around the path leading to the Japanese tea room.  MAP

Saiou-in Subtemple of Konkai-Koumyou-ji. Kaede falls on the gate, and stepping stones are placed on the moss.   MAP


Ryougen-in Subtemple of Daitoku-ji. This garden was a garden created in the 14th to 16th centuries.  MAP

The oldest Zen templein in Japan. This moss garden can be seen from all sides.  MAP

Ryousoku-in Subtemple of Ken-nin-ji. The unique circular window symbolizes the Zen Buddhist temple.  MAP

It is a moss garden that incorporates Mt. Hiei as part of the garden (called "borrowed scenery"="Shakkei" in Japanese garden terms). MAP

(a traditional luxuary inn) A luxury inn in the center of Kyoto city.The inner garden made by Kobori Enshu and "tempura" dishes are famous.  MAP

The most prestigious "Geisha house" in Japan until the Edo period. The inner garden is a green world with fresh green and moss.  MAP 

(a traditional Japanese restaurant)    A luxury restaurant in Fushimi Ward, southern Kyoto. A variety of beautiful gardens welcome you.   MAP

Master-piece coffee Kyoto (a coffee shop)    A coffee shop run by the famous bag maker "Masterpiece".   MAP

Nishimura House  
It is a refined traditional garden near Kamigamo Shrine, a World Heritage Site. MAP

Koumyou-in Subtemple of Toufuku-ji.The contrast between moss and white sand is beautiful.  MAP

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